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Temperature Sensing Devices

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Thermocouples, RTD's & Thermowells

Resistance Temperature Detectors

Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD) are sensors for indicators, recorders and / or controllers.  The sensor is a wire would element of copper, nickel or platinum.  A temperature change causes a linear resistance change throughout the range of the sensor.  Accuracy of .25% and .10% sensors are offered.  A three wire system is commonly used to minimize offsets due to extension lead wire lengths and temperatures.  On a two wire system a 25 foot copper extension wire causes a small offset.

Element Resistance & Coefficient

  • Platinum, 100 Ohms Bulb .00385 Ohms/Ohms/oC

Accuracy and Temperature Rating

  • Pt. .25% Accuracy 260oC Maximum

  • Pt. .1% Accuracy 260oC Maximum

  • Pt. .25% Accuracy 500oC Maximum

  • Pt. .1% Accuracy 500oC Maximum

  • Cu. .1% Accuracy 150oC Maximum

Element Configuration

  • Single Element, 3 wire

  • Dual Element, 3 Wire

  • Single Element 2 Wire

  • Dual Element 2 Wire .25% Only

Effects of Copper Lead wire for a 2 wire RTD per 10 Feet at 38oC copper or Platinum Element

Wire Gauge 16 18 20
oC At 38oC .21oC .34oC .54oC
General Specifications
RTD Element 

Platinum wire, 100 Ohms at (0oC) Temperature Coefficient of Resistance for the range 0-100oC is .00385 Ohms/Ohms/oC, DIN 43760.  Copper wire 88.28 Ohms at 0oC range -150oC to +150oC.


 +/- .08oC or better over full range


Drift is less than +/- .08oC at 0oC after one year normal service within rated temperatures.

Time Constant 

 5 seconds in water at 3 feet / second

Insulation Resistance 

10 Mega ohms minimum at 100 Vdc.  Leads to case at room temperature


Assembly construction withstands 50 Hz at 20 G's minimum per MIL-STD-220C.  Method 204A, Test Condition D.


Element construction withstands minimum 100 G's sine wave shock of 3 millisecond duration, three blows applies to each axis.

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